What is MAGA-QRF?

My family has endured dozens of threats of death and violence due to my high-profile Trump connection and my involvement as a witness in the bogus Russia investigation. I've developed a way to push back on Antifa protesting outside my home or office, which is more likely than you might think.

Ever since my name was brought up in the public March 20, 2017 US House Intelligence Committee hearing on the bogus Russia collusion conspiracy, my family has endured threats. That day, I was traveling on business and my phone rattled with calls and messages from unknowns. One man called twice; the second time he said he was on the way to my house to burn it down with my children inside.

I immediately called several of my friends. They hurried over to my house and stood quiet guard into the night. 

Eighteen months later, after the November 7, 2018 Tucker Carlson home protest, local Antifa marginals privately discussed protesting my house, too.

I decided to address this issue myself. I am well guarded by our village police, but I don't want my wife and daughters ever intimidated again. I assembled a group of 200 nearby Trump supporters who have pledged to come on a moment's notice to assemble peacefully between my house and the Antifa protestors to assure my wife and children don't even see them.

Each of the 200 gave me their cellphone number and email. I've installed a mass text capacity on my smartphone to reach them. I’ve tested the system. Within minutes, Antifa will be vastly outnumbered.

I call it MAGA-QRF (Quick Reaction Force). It's long overdue.

I'm encouraging all Trump supporters with a public profile to do the same thing. It's not difficult.

I may never text out a call for help to my MAGA-QRF. However, I am completely ready, just in case. Tucker Carlson and everyone else should organize exactly the same thing. It's not difficult, and it's about time - I'm no longer a sitting duck. None of us should be.

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